Facility Information

The Space Management Office collects and maintains UW-Madison facility information and is the official source of all campus facility names, numbers, and addresses. We maintain base floor plans and room level data for most facilities.

This information is used to support academic and administrative operations, utilities, emergency preparation, and research administration.

Contact us with questions or to request service.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining facility numbers, names, addresses, and details
  • Assigning room numbers and managing room number schema
  • Creating and maintaining room level records, floor plans, and gross area
  • Producing standard and custom data and/or floor plan reports
  • Conducting space surveys and walk throughs

UW-Madison’s INSITE Net-FM database provides self-service access to data and floor plans.

Custom reports, floor plans, or AutoCAD files are available on request.

Contact us to request service or ask a question.

Net-FM and custom report options include:

  • Floor plans color-coded by department, program, room use, and subuse
  • Room lists by building, department, function, room use, and/or subuse
  • Space summaries for multiple buildings by department, function, room use, and/or subuse
  • Building way-finding posters

Please note UW-Madison’s Facility Information Distribution Guidelines apply to data and floor plan requests.

Postsecondary Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM) 2006 Edition
FICM 2006 is a standard classification system established by the U.S. Department of Education.
It is the basis for all UW-Madison facility information.

Function, Use, Subuse – Codes and Definitions
These are definitions and numeric codes for space data elements function, use, and subuse.

Seating Type Definitions
The Space Management Office defines and maintains these standard seating types for instructional spaces.